Friday, July 2, 2010

An Exposure of the North is Really Good Thing

Flipping through the new issue of EW today, I was delighted to see a piece (scan here on my flickr) that marked the 20th anniversary debut of one of my all time favorite television shows-Northern Exposure (v.good fansite here). Such genius show, such excellent writing, hilarious offbeat, with flawed humanly identifiable characters all perfectly played, I just loved it.

It was almost too like a sign, most most welcome in its embrace, because as one door is now forever shut, many have opened up in the best possible way ever, and light pours in where it was once dark. I have such optimism again, hope for the future, forgiveness over the past, and embracing seeking this light. Im certain I wrote about this episode before on my old LJ, but so so soooo fitting for now.

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