Friday, July 2, 2010

Hoot Nab it, Christmas in July Already!

Ah mail time! Tis a bright sunny day, life is moving forward in such a positive healthy direction, and a nice holiday weekend arrives today...along with several back to school catalogs in the mail, and a reminder about the annual Christmas Holiday Ornament event at Hallmark :D I love the holidays, my collection of Dept 56 villages is something I cherish and enjoy a great deal, as well as those ornaments. Checking out the new dream book preview for this year's items, I see not only the HP one (with DD and Harry and the Pensieve) but also one for the Guardians of Ga'Hoole movie. My son LOVES these books, and the newest trailer, while glorious in the amazing artwork and creation for the owls, is just ok. I hope it wont be a disappointing adaptation like Last Airbender is turning out to be *woe*

Speaking of July and things for a holiday wish list no doubt, we will also be seeing news & pics no doubt of some of the new Museum Replica pieces (makers of some FABULOUS Tudors gowns, just gorgeous!), including a special Harry Potter item made for Comic-Con. Their blog notes that at CC, they will have on display "our new complete Harry Potter line of movie quality replica clothing, Iron Man 2 items and much more. Yep, we're going to dazzle you if you go.We'll be giving away money (well, gift cards with $10-$100 on them) plus a Harry Potter special hand out made just for Comic Con." Awesome! Hope those going have a great time, should be a wonderful line up of events (no more LOST tho, sadness)

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