Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zazzle Opens Official Harry Potter Store

Merch alert! As a followup to an earlier note here, Zazzle has now opened their official Harry Potter store with items for shirts, stamps, mugs, posters cards, mousepads much more...for all four houses ie not just Gryffindor and Slytherin which are nice but also HUFFLEPUFF AND RAVENCLAW items! Praise be! Frankly, in a step above are some of the crests, esp for Hufflepuff in a more antiquarian look which I quite like.

Movies up to HBP are now available (Deathly Hallows is no doubt to follow soon) as well as loads of "phrases" including things like Beaxbatons, Alohomora etc. Notable is the
category of Hogwarts at night, with three different castle prints available, quite nice. Also, those Fawkes items are GORGEOUS! Now, we just PLEASE PLEASE WB need QUIDDITCH items for the rest of the houses (not just Gryffindor). Anyway, tis a good start, lots of nice items you can customize at a lower, more reasonable price point, bravo!

Ps...I admit, I am momentarily giddy at this but you can buy

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