Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Merchandise Available Online Soon From Universal Orlando Store

Calling all fans of Harry Potter merchandise! Great news today as Universal Orlando has updated with the news that some Harry Potter merchandise from the theme park attraction in Orlando will soon be available for purchase ONLINE. As seen in this screengrab, the recently opened online store at Universal will soon be carrying some of the great Harry Potter items from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter we've been seeing in the literally hundreds and hundreds of media reports. NO DETAILS AVAILABLE YET ON WHAT THESE ITEMS MIGHT BE ("shirts, hats,toys-if they did Pygmy Puffs they'd sell thousands lol-souvieniers, and other fun merchandise") and but you can call 1-877-318-2732 or email mailorder@universalorlando.com

FOLLOWUP! THANKS SO MUCH TO PARTY through the Parks for letting me know about their review on the Hog's Head brew and more (Cheers J!), which you can read at this link! As for the Hog's Head brew itself (WHO BREWS THIS? which brewery did Universal buy/commission for this Scottish Ale, anyone know?) the review says: "Hog's Head Brew. HHB is a deep golden Scottish Ale that's heavy on the bitter hops flavors. A young lady that ordered one next to me took one sip and exclaimed "Ewww, it tastes like rust!" and sent it back for a Bud Light instead. While it's not exactly my favorite type of beer, I'd say that review may be a bit on the harsh side."

So....ok, as for the online merch...as exciting as this is, frankly Im not counting on say Pumpkin Juice or Chocolate frogs , at least not yet, but omg if they did, imagine the amount of retail sales then! What a great opportunity for many of us who have to wait! and to be clear, I am fully cognisgant this is so not the same as going there, but honestly it will not take away one iota the thrill I will have when I finally get to walk in that park if I have a piece of WW merch beforehand.

Speaking of merch, have been checking out Youtube bigtime for there are some very cool videos-this one fellow videotaped the entire Filch's emporium! In addition to all the endless list of frogs, butterbeer, candy, Hog Head beer, Rita's Quill set!!, beer, beer, beer, oh yes Hufflepuff things
(laynard, new bags etc) I so want this UPTONOGOOD MUG too :D :D Now I just need to hit that lotto lolol :))

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