Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Farewell Toast to the Tudors

Dear Showtime,
Thanks ever so much for a fantastic, intriguing, grand trip through history! If not always accurate, you recreated age old incidents and long forgotten people and brought them wonderfully life, injected with flawed, identifiable and completely human perspective often lost in history books) A visually lush wholly rich velvet programing for the eyes, often escapist and yet often intelligent episodes, at times completely ludicrously sex based, borderline camp, others hugely profound and moving with thought provoking dialogue and moments, especially for the standout writing and acting done early one notably by Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam and Natalie Dormer in particular for some powerful moments as Anne, plus David Ohara, Sarah Bolger, Maria Doyle Kennedy and James Frain were excellent as was Henry Cavill-the minor met the match of the leads and that's not always the case. You gave me so much, and left me wanting so much more. All Hail The Tudors, and farewell my king. While I don't lament the loss of Henry, I do lament that I wont have this wonderful, flawed yet glorious series to fill my weekends anymore. Looking forward to the Borgias-here's to another grand visual trip through the past!
Love, Sue

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