Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HUFFLEPUFF COMMON ROOM from New Lego Harry Potter Video Game!

Look what arrived in my mailbox-an amazing day/week/month brightener if there ever was....

OOM FROM LEGO HARRY POTTER Years 1-4 video game---->

So cute, so cannon, so what I wanted and hoped for with wee round barrel shaped doors, yellow puffy chairs (just like the one Frak drew too!) lots of green plants, lovely, slightly mess with bottles galore lol, very friendly leafy environment (kinda like the Swiss Family Robinson environment of Hogwarts ;) and nary a ballpit in sight hahahaah Once again all my dreams about what the Hufflepuff common room are well envisioned here AND heee Hufflepuff TRULY is THE PARTY HOUSE WOOOOHOOOOO! :)))))

Thank you so so much to my dear friend and fellow Hufflepuff Erna who went to great trouble to get to the point in the game to bring us these caps

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