Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zazzle Opens Official Harry Potter Store

Merch alert! As a followup to an earlier note here, Zazzle has now opened their official Harry Potter store with items for shirts, stamps, mugs, posters cards, mousepads much more...for all four houses ie not just Gryffindor and Slytherin which are nice but also HUFFLEPUFF AND RAVENCLAW items! Praise be! Frankly, in a step above are some of the crests, esp for Hufflepuff in a more antiquarian look which I quite like.

Movies up to HBP are now available (Deathly Hallows is no doubt to follow soon) as well as loads of "phrases" including things like Beaxbatons, Alohomora etc. Notable is the
category of Hogwarts at night, with three different castle prints available, quite nice. Also, those Fawkes items are GORGEOUS! Now, we just PLEASE PLEASE WB need QUIDDITCH items for the rest of the houses (not just Gryffindor). Anyway, tis a good start, lots of nice items you can customize at a lower, more reasonable price point, bravo!

Ps...I admit, I am momentarily giddy at this but you can buy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HUFFLEPUFF COMMON ROOM from New Lego Harry Potter Video Game!

Look what arrived in my mailbox-an amazing day/week/month brightener if there ever was....

OOM FROM LEGO HARRY POTTER Years 1-4 video game---->

So cute, so cannon, so what I wanted and hoped for with wee round barrel shaped doors, yellow puffy chairs (just like the one Frak drew too!) lots of green plants, lovely, slightly mess with bottles galore lol, very friendly leafy environment (kinda like the Swiss Family Robinson environment of Hogwarts ;) and nary a ballpit in sight hahahaah Once again all my dreams about what the Hufflepuff common room are well envisioned here AND heee Hufflepuff TRULY is THE PARTY HOUSE WOOOOHOOOOO! :)))))

Thank you so so much to my dear friend and fellow Hufflepuff Erna who went to great trouble to get to the point in the game to bring us these caps

Monday, June 28, 2010

Charity Auction for Jason Isaacs Brotherhood Autographed Photo

Well....ok, the new full length Deathly Hallows trailer was ...fantastic...epic, so moving, superb music, the shot of a shattered Hogwarts was... truly simply stunning, and ALL CAP OMG THE battle/forest shot, ie the moment at the end of all things showing those WHO RETURNED TO STAND AND FIGHT running and charging against the Death DatersYES YES YES!.... So....ok... while we did not see the cup of Hufflepuff alas ;)...did we all spot JASON ISAACS ?? I DID! :)))) Early on, with Voldy and his gathered DE's...look to the side, looking downcast and slump-shouldered you can not mistake those long lucious Lucius locks! :) Sure they may kill him off/cart him off or something, but was very happy to see hes going to be around for part 2-bring it on!

Speaking of Jason, look at this recent photo of him at Edinburgh, those eyes, that devilish smile hoo!----->

Jason is of course know for being so good at being bad. One such case was in his excellent turn in the critically acclaimed and fantastic series BROTHERHOOD. There is a new auction for charity involving a newly signed photo by Jason along with his Brotherhood co-star Brian F O'Byrne (Colin). Benefiting Oxfam America, the auction for a signed photo from Jason bearing his love and Luck x signature is OPEN NOW until July 3! Please know and be reassured that Jason Issacs has generously signed many pieces over the years that have been auctioned by the amazing group at the Fanzone and the Lost Girls for charity, and he continues to support these efforts, so please if you are so inclined here is a chance to own an authentic signed piece from a truly wonderful person and a great actor! Good luck to all bidding!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Farewell Toast to the Tudors

Dear Showtime,
Thanks ever so much for a fantastic, intriguing, grand trip through history! If not always accurate, you recreated age old incidents and long forgotten people and brought them wonderfully life, injected with flawed, identifiable and completely human perspective often lost in history books) A visually lush wholly rich velvet programing for the eyes, often escapist and yet often intelligent episodes, at times completely ludicrously sex based, borderline camp, others hugely profound and moving with thought provoking dialogue and moments, especially for the standout writing and acting done early one notably by Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam and Natalie Dormer in particular for some powerful moments as Anne, plus David Ohara, Sarah Bolger, Maria Doyle Kennedy and James Frain were excellent as was Henry Cavill-the minor met the match of the leads and that's not always the case. You gave me so much, and left me wanting so much more. All Hail The Tudors, and farewell my king. While I don't lament the loss of Henry, I do lament that I wont have this wonderful, flawed yet glorious series to fill my weekends anymore. Looking forward to the Borgias-here's to another grand visual trip through the past!
Love, Sue

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Merchandise Available Online Soon From Universal Orlando Store

Calling all fans of Harry Potter merchandise! Great news today as Universal Orlando has updated with the news that some Harry Potter merchandise from the theme park attraction in Orlando will soon be available for purchase ONLINE. As seen in this screengrab, the recently opened online store at Universal will soon be carrying some of the great Harry Potter items from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter we've been seeing in the literally hundreds and hundreds of media reports. NO DETAILS AVAILABLE YET ON WHAT THESE ITEMS MIGHT BE ("shirts, hats,toys-if they did Pygmy Puffs they'd sell thousands lol-souvieniers, and other fun merchandise") and but you can call 1-877-318-2732 or email

FOLLOWUP! THANKS SO MUCH TO PARTY through the Parks for letting me know about their review on the Hog's Head brew and more (Cheers J!), which you can read at this link! As for the Hog's Head brew itself (WHO BREWS THIS? which brewery did Universal buy/commission for this Scottish Ale, anyone know?) the review says: "Hog's Head Brew. HHB is a deep golden Scottish Ale that's heavy on the bitter hops flavors. A young lady that ordered one next to me took one sip and exclaimed "Ewww, it tastes like rust!" and sent it back for a Bud Light instead. While it's not exactly my favorite type of beer, I'd say that review may be a bit on the harsh side."

So....ok, as for the online exciting as this is, frankly Im not counting on say Pumpkin Juice or Chocolate frogs , at least not yet, but omg if they did, imagine the amount of retail sales then! What a great opportunity for many of us who have to wait! and to be clear, I am fully cognisgant this is so not the same as going there, but honestly it will not take away one iota the thrill I will have when I finally get to walk in that park if I have a piece of WW merch beforehand.

Speaking of merch, have been checking out Youtube bigtime for there are some very cool videos-this one fellow videotaped the entire Filch's emporium! In addition to all the endless list of frogs, butterbeer, candy, Hog Head beer, Rita's Quill set!!, beer, beer, beer, oh yes Hufflepuff things
(laynard, new bags etc) I so want this UPTONOGOOD MUG too :D :D Now I just need to hit that lotto lolol :))